Serving the Medical Community and the World

My team and I have the privilege and joy sharing a vision of a world where every generation is inspired to include charitable contributions in their financial plan.  We are a multicultural team that includes many talented specialists devoted to helping our clients discover the true meaning of wealth. Prosperity that fulfills not only personal dreams but the dreams of others. With 20 years of experience behind us, we specialize and work extensively with medical professionals, women and business owners. Our client base has unique and varied financial planning needs. We work hard to fulfill these needs while igniting a passion in them to serve others.

My team and I stand firm on our commitment to Financial Health and are dedicated to the values we hold close. 

These values are Humility, Excellence, Acceptance, Love, Trust and Humanitarianism. 

Our mission is to honor our calling as Financial Advisors and Philanthropic Mentors by providing world class financial services and charitable planning based on passion, integrity and education.

My team and I have worked extensively with medical professionals for almost 20 years and we have insights into the unique financial planning issues you confront – including how to balance eliminating student debt while saving to buy a house, send children to college and plan to retire. We help you understand the risk of disability and premature death and how to protect yourself. We can help you to plan your professional goals, fulfill your personal goals, and achieve financial independence and freedom.

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I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your personal and professional goals as we make this world a better place.



I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your personal and professional goals as we make this world a better place


What is Wealth Management? 

As Wealth managers, we have the ability to organize all of the moving parts of your financial situation, pull everything together and create an overall picture of your financial life.

Wealth management simply brings together disparate accounts, policies, contracts, assets and other financial considerations into one comprehensive analysis. This process includes financial and investment tools and advice, risk and insurance planning, accounting, tax planning, retirement planning, legal advice, estate planning and more. Your wealth management team will get to know you and your goals. Then, with a view of your entire financial picture — both now and projections for what it would look like in the future — our team will work to maximize your financial situation in a way that is entirely unique to you.

In general, wealth management includes strategies to protect, grow and pass on your wealth. What does that look like in practice? Specific wealth management strategies will vary significantly from person to person and will be tailored to your unique financial situation.



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