Serving the Medical Community and the World

In 2004, I had the privilege of working as a translator for a group of physicians on a medical mission in the highlands of Guatemala. During that trip, a man in a wheelchair thanked me because the surgeon from Dallas was going to give him two prosthetic legs. Another man who had suffered from cataracts shared with me how grateful he was because he again could be useful to his family. I realized that surgeon, my client and dear friend, not only saved his sight, but gave him back his life.

Based on that experience, I felt a calling and I made the decision to align my passion and purpose to help fight the healthcare crisis in rural areas of Latin America with my career as a Wealth Management Advisor. And I ask medical professionals, in exchange for my expertise, to be open to donating a week of their lives to help the poorest in the world. By doing this, we hope to ignite a passion for philanthropy in their hearts.

My team and I have worked extensively with medical professionals for almost 20 years and we have insights into the unique financial planning issues you confront – including how to balance eliminating student debt while saving to buy a house, send children to college and plan to retire. We help you understand the risk of disability and premature death and how to protect yourself. We can help you to plan for your professional goals, fulfill your personal goals, and achieve financial independence and freedom.

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I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your personal and professional goals as we make this world a better place.



I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your personal and professional goals as we make this world a better place



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Karin V Larrave

Wealth Management Advisor

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